Wordpress Hosting

Wordpress is a very popular open source blogging platform and content management system (CMS). It has grown dramatically in popularity over the last couple of decades, some figures now suggesting that over 25% of the entire web is now driven by Wordpress. As a result, there’s an increasing need for high quality managed WordPress hosting services, but how do you know which hosts offer a quality service, and value for money?

Typically, Wordpress websites use simpler technology which is more affordable, however, due to their nature, Wordpress websites are often harder to optimise. A great number of plugins are available for WordPress (65,000 at the time of writing), and each of these will bring their own copy of JavaScript, CSS includes and other resources needed for the plugin to work. Managing this in an efficient and secure manner can be a challenge!

For Wordpress hosting, you will need a server running PHP such as Apache or Nginx. Simplepage specialise in providing a highly optimised Wordpress hosting platform, which includes both managed and unmanaged wordpress hosting. Find out more about choosing the right Wordpress hosting for you here.

What is “Managed Wordpress Hosting?”

Simply put, we take care of the hosting of your WordPress website for you : we look after WordPress updates, ensure your plugins are secured and free you from all these housekeeping tasks to do what you do best: managing your business.